Upgrade Your Electronic Designs with the Micro Menzu Board V2.0 from Sofiatech

Upgrade Your Electronic Designs with the Micro Menzu Board V2.0 from Sofiatech

Micro menzu board V2.0


Introducing Sofiatech’s upgraded version of the Micro Menzu Board, now with a better shape and more advanced features!

Micro Menzu V2 is an electronic development board that has been designed to significantly improve the prototyping process in the industrial and IoT sectors. Developed entirely by our team of accomplished experts, the hardware, software, and software development kit (SDK) of Micro Menzu offers a powerful and adaptable platform for swift prototyping and customization.

Our latest version offers enhanced performance through its advanced power management system, which includes a smart battery charger supporting multiple battery chemistries and an advanced digital gauge. The Micro Menzu V2.0 also comes equipped with additional sensors, including environment, motion, and light sensors. Furthermore, we remain strongly committed to compatibility, and the Micro Menzu V2.0 is fully compatible with multiple external shields/modules via Arduino and Bee connectors while still maintaining the ADC, DAC, and RS485 interfaces.

THE MICRO MENZU BOARD V2.0 now contains a switching battery charger from Analog Devices, the “LTC4162. This advanced monolithic synchronous step-down switching battery charger and PowerPath™ manager seamlessly manages power distribution between input sources, such as wall adapters, backplanes, solar panels, and more. Additionally, our rechargeable battery lasts longer and charges faster than ever before. A high-resolution measurement system provides extensive telemetry information for circuit voltages, currents, battery resistance, and temperature, all of which can be read back over the I2C port. The I2C port can also be used to configure many charging parameters, including charging voltages and currents, termination algorithms, and numerous system status alerts.

With Micro Menzu V2, companies can expediently conceive and evaluate novel concepts, while concurrently customizing the platform to address their specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a streamlined and cost-effective process, saving valuable time and resources. Whether you are a nascent startup or a well-established organization, Micro Menzu V2 is the optimal solution for all your prototyping needs.

  • Experience the next level of performance and functionality with the Micro Menzu V2 from # SOFIATECH. Contact us today to learn more about how this upgraded version of our popular board can take your electronic designs to the next level.

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