Uses cases

Use cases

Our customers have trusted Sofiatech s to accelerate their technological roadmap. A sample of our projects is presented, showcasing our know-how and our focus on very specific industries.

Modular IT integration for a SaaS solution editor

Our client was pursuing an aggressive roadmap for the development of their SaaS solution and were looking for full-stack developers, expert in agile programming. We have provided our client with a platform of experienced devs and devops in IT integration.

Remote diagnostic system for medical device worn on the person

Our client was working on an R&D plan so ambitious that it was mandatory to subcontract part of it. Constraints were very specific to the field required qualified subcontracting. We have helped him with a dedicated team of R&D engineers experienced in electronic hardware and embedded software.

Real-time monitoring of environmental data in an electronic production plant

An Eleonetech customer has requested that an environmental data monitoring system to be installed on the manufacturing site with the ability to alert teams when thresholds are crossed. This system had to be put in place in a very short deadline. We have installed several connected environmental sensors, as well as the alert system on portable terminals and on TV. Our expert team has accomplished the full deployment mission in only 3 days

Autolinq SDK

An automotive tier one company decided to outsource the development of a set of apps related to an IVI solution. Our mission was to develop a whole framework to make easier the development of the IVI apps. Our engineers have successfully developed a specific SDK and interfaced it with all kind of accessories that are used with the solution. Wit’s worth mentioning that the new SDK had included an emulator, performance indicators and a specific electronic setup to simulate the complete system.

Bis@t, a prototype card for the software development of an Automotive ECU

A new family of ECU Automotive was based on a new generation Infineon microcontroller. Our client wanted to launch their software development as quickly as possible and they needed a development card well before the availability of their first electronic cards. The challenge was tempting and we’d accepted it: we’ve designed the prototype card and delivered all the drivers and emulators for the sensors and the CAN / LIN communication bus.

CodeBeamer ALM to support Agile development as per ISO 26262 regulatory requirements

Navya was living a rapid growth in new designs, while requiring both an Agile development system and strict regulatory compliance to ISO 26262.

Navya selected Intland’s codeBeamer ALM tool for its simplicity of use, user friendly interface, a best-in-class ROI, and capability of evolving to new usages.