Air Quality Management by Sofia Networks

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The Air Quality Management solution by Sofia Networks is an IoT platform to control the air quality inside each room of your buildings, reduce the risk of Covid propagation, all without intervention, drafts or energy loss. You have access with a subscription depending on the number of rooms and buildings on your sites, and we provide ready-to-use hardware and software to equip your sites in days.

Air quality Management: what is it made of ?

Fully automated remote operation.
Connects with any Air Quality sensor and with any Ventillation System.
Monitoring of both Air Quality and equipments.
Payment per usage with a SaaS business model.

Kits are available off the shelf for a quick deployment.
Preconfigured dashboards with an easy monitoring of air quality and equipments.
Easy to read air quality levels and configurable alerts.configurables

Benefit from:
Fast deployment in days with preset devices and dashboards.
Low operating costs with a payment per usage.-

Fully automated control of ventillation units, no need for human intervention.

Available off the shelf – Go and shop now 
Check the fit for your use case and procure equipments, kits and subscriptions. No obligations, no credit card required.

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