Webinar : A smart supervision for the Industrie 4.0

An industrial site or a manufacturing facility is not just a production process. It’s a combination of buildings, trucks, people, goods, equipements, processes, that Industrie 4.0 principles tell us to monitor.
This is where IoT comes into play by placing sensors here and there, collecting and aggregating the data, therefore feeding operators with early, pertinent insights. But how to build a supervision system that grants high and quick ROI, that enable building a PoC in days and at little investment? What technologies to use, how to build reliable systems that can last for years in harsh environment?
You will learn in this webinar which set of competences, ready-made solutions and services will help you resolve all these challenges and bring up a smart supervision for the Industrie 4.0.

Register for free. It will last 40 minutes followed by a session of Questions & Answers.

    Monday, May 10th 2021 15H00 CEST!

 We will address the following agenda:
1/ What makes a supervision for the Industrie 4.0 smart and why it’s becoming overly important. The role of the data illustrated by some use cases.
2/ What Product Engineering Services are needed to build a reliable supervision system.
3/ The advantage of a catalog of ready-to-use IoT modules and cloud services to build a PoC.
4/ How to procure and Q&A.

Free gift to all participants: a LoraWan Menzu sensing module + 1 month free subscription to Sofia Networks dashboard!

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