High growth confirmed for Industrial-IoT in 2021

Analysts, industries and service providers agree Industrial-IoT is top priority

As expected, the year 2020 has seen strong growth in Industrial-IoT and Covid has propelled the trend even further, with cost reduction at the forefront, as reported by Gartner . Continued growth in 2021 is confirmed.


More importantly, we have learned that the number of PoCs is expected to continue to grow exponentially, but with a failure rate, i.e., projects that see no further development after the PoC, that is expected to remain stable at a staggering 75%. There is no alternative to making PoC investment inexpensive, delivering results that are fast, simple to execute, scalable, easy to manage and with a smooth transition to further deployment. Sofia Technologies’ IoT solution is our answer to all these requirements.


Launched in 2020, our IoT catalog is displayed on the Sofia Networks ecommerce site with new modules, new gateways, a support offer to never leave you stuck with problems, and as always without headaches.


Are you still hesitant? We have developed our IoT offer in a 30’ webinar, replay available here .


Sofia Technologies  is an engineering and IT service company active over the full V-model lifecycle and specialized in the design and integration of electronics, mechatronics, embedded software, cloud solutions and the Internet of Things.

A skilled engineering staff and a responsive organization allows us delivering fast prototyping solutions, full scale cost controlled platforms, dedicated tools, as well as bringing superior designs of business applications for selected markets in Automotive, Agriculture, Medical, Smart Cities and largely in IoT.