Sofia Technologies launch 2 solutions for fast prototyping of IoT platforms

With IoT, connecting, managing and analyzing data from your connected devices allow drastic improvements of your business efficiency, as well as the capability to deploy innovative services that would have been impossible without IoT.

This is particularly true for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which could reach a market value of $933B in 2025 against $109B in 2016, corresponding to some 30% CAGR over the period, according to Grand View Research.

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is the 1st step for your organization to assess the ROI of such IoT services, but how can you build an IoT platform in days, that can cope with your asset management policies, collect the data remotely and visualize it according to your requirements? How can you avoid specific development and save huge cost?

To answer these questions, Sofia Technologies have built a portfolio for the IoT that includes everything from the sensors to the business applications in the cloud. We offer solutions that can match every phase of the life cycle of your IoT project, from the PoC phase to the growth phase, through the deployment phase of your IoT platform, and made of Sofia Menzu, a catalog of connected sensor modules, and Sofia Networks, a self-operated preconfigured IoT platform.

Sofia Menzu

Sofia Menzu is a portfolio of industrial-grade, ready-for-use electronic modules for IoT devices. Its modular construction made of sensors, connectivity and field buses plug-ins allow virtually all possible functional block association.

The portfolio of Sofia Menzu modules ranges from tiny fully integrated modules of the Sofia Menzu Nano family up to the Sofia Menzu Premium electronic platform with stackable connectivity plug-ins. As a user, you can rely on Sofia Technologies design services to adapt the electronics of your IoT devices to become suitable for deployment and volume production, once your PoC has been completed. You can build your final devices based on the same technology you have based your PoC without worrying about the consequences of a technology change. Similarly, you could move to volume production with Sofia Menzu modules as they are industrial grade and prequalified for field deployment.

With Sofia Menzu you can bring up your IoT PoC in days and enrich your dashboards with realtime data. Your investment is preserved and kept low at the same time.

Sofia Networks

Sofia Networks is a self-operated, pre-configured IoT platform that brings modular electronics for off-the-shelf connected sensors, the connectivity to the cloud, the device management, the data storage and data visualization presets.

Enroll your device and get your remote data instantly feeding IoT services. Sofia Networks out-of-the-box services make the enrollment of your device a quick and simple task, before sensor data can flow in the communication pipe you have set. From your console, you can manage the data itself, move it to your processes and services, or display it in live dashboards. Sofia Networks come with different business profiles per industry you can activate to ease the build of bespoke dashboards. Best-in-class components on top of an IBM Cloud platform make Sofia Networks a solid, secure, adaptive IoT platform that can scale with your services, that can cope with large networks of connected devices.

With Sofia Networks, connect your IoT devices and get instant access to your data and dashboards. Sofia Networks can help you scale up, cost down your IoT services.

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